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  • May Market Udpate

    Unsurprisingly, based on the number of pending  (homes under contract) listings in the previous months of 2023, single-family home sales in Boone County were down 31% to 138 homes compared to April 2023.  Sales in the City of Columbia were down over 40% from last year to just 83 sales.  Sales for April haven’t been…

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  • What experience should your listing agent have?

    Selling a home is a complex and challenging process, which is why it’s important to choose the right listing agent to guide you through it. While there are many qualities to look for in a realtor, two of the most important are hands-on construction experience and negotiation experience. Here are five reasons why: In conclusion,…

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  • March Market Update

    Price increases eased a bit last month by -.43% to $321,604 for the average sold price, but the median price increased by 4% to $286,000.  In Columbia, both the median and average prices declined, with the median down 2% to $286,250 and the average down 7% to $318,700.  Although overall prices might be slowing, Boone…

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  • How to Choose a Listing Agent

    Research potential agents: Start by researching potential agents in your area. Look for agents who have experience selling multiple homes and who have a strong track record of successful sales. You can use online resources such as Google to search for agents and …..

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  • February Market Update

    This market update is based on February’s data. It’s incredibly beneficial, but we are seeing a huge demand increase right now. Likely driven by the spring market and low supply. Stay tuned to this website for the March update to see if the data reflects what I’m seeing in today’s market. ……. Total single-family home…

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This picture is of Realtor Ryan, also known as Ryan Lidholm. It is a professional style headshot of him with a weichert logo polo on.
This is the weichert realtors first tier logo with realtor ryan's name shown within it. The yellow and black weichert logo is above, with 'Ryan Lidholm, pc' showing below.

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