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  • November Market Update

    There was a surprise uptick in single-family home sales in October, with sales up 5% with 159 sales, which is a high number historically for October, minus 2020 and 2021 during COVID.   Year-to-date, sales are down 14% compared to 2022, slightly better than most of this year.  In addition to a surprise increase in total…

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  • October Market Update

    Single-family home sales in September were down 8% to 164 units.  This is in addition to sales dropping 17% for September from 2021 to 2022.  Year-to-date, sales remain down 16% for 2023.  The average sold price in September was down 1% last month to $345,474.  This isn’t a surprise, as the average sales price increased…

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  • August Market Update

    Single-family home sales in July were down 5% in Boone County compared to this time last year, with 239 homes sold.  For the fourth month in a row, new construction exceeded sales from the previous year, while existing home sales have lagged every month since January 2022, falling 12% last month to 204.  The National…

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  • Is Zillow a helpful tool?

    Zillow is undoubtedly a valuable tool for real estate research, but it shouldn’t be the sole factor in making important real estate decisions. Here are five reasons why: In conclusion, while Zillow is an excellent starting point for real estate research and can provide valuable insights, it’s crucial to use it alongside other resources and…

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  • July Market Update

    Single-family home sales in June sank 22% to 231 closed homes due to slumping existing home sales.  This is the lowest number of sales for the month of June since 2011.  Average home sales for the month of June in the prior ten years have been 307 sales.  Existing sales were down 28%, while new…

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This picture is of Realtor Ryan, also known as Ryan Lidholm. It is a professional style headshot of him with a weichert logo polo on.
This is the weichert realtors first tier logo with realtor ryan's name shown within it. The yellow and black weichert logo is above, with 'Ryan Lidholm, pc' showing below.

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