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  • Are home values staying strong?

    Existing home sales decreased 5.4% in June, lowering to 4.57 million homes sold year over year. Thats a pretty significant decrease when comparing to last years 5.24 million homes sold (YOY) In June 2021. However, when comparing to the 2019 pre-pandemic levels of 4.765 million existing homes sold, we are relatively level with the strong…

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  • When is the best time to sell?

    When you aren’t feeling the pressure to move quickly! Over the years, I have noticed that my clients who make the most financially savvy decisions while negotiating, are the same people who set themselves up to make decisions based on market conditions, rather than decisions to relieve stress. So, the next time you’re thinking of…

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  • June Market Statisitics

     Single-family home sales declined 15% in June to 297 closed sales.  This puts sales down 10% for the first half of 2022 compared to 2021. Prices continue to escalate, with the average price up 12% to $344,440 and the median up 13% to $398,900. Days on market are down to 8 days. However, homes that…

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  • The Market Shift

    The market is currently shifting from pandemic highs in volume and sales price increases, but central Missouri seems to be staying the course as sales continue to stay strong. Our market still needs more homes to sell! And as a buyer, you may have a shot at finding a home with fewer competitors. Year over…

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This picture is of Realtor Ryan, also known as Ryan Lidholm. It is a professional style headshot of him with a weichert logo polo on.
This is the weichert realtors first tier logo with realtor ryan's name shown within it. The yellow and black weichert logo is above, with 'Ryan Lidholm, pc' showing below.

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